What is Darkflame LEGO Universe?

Darkflame Universe is a server emulator for LEGO Universe! Started in 2013, we sought to create the most accurate way to play LU again after it closed. Now, 6 years after the game closed, we have our second alpha test and will be releasing a closed beta in the near future. If you’ve been invited to the Alpha, download the game and join the fight to save Imagination!

What can you do in Darkflame Universe?

Currently Alpha players can start their journey on the Venture Explorer and make their way to Avant Gardens. You’ll be able to smash all the minions of the Maelstrom, build quickbuilds, earn loot and achievements, even socialize with friends over chat! For more details on the game, see the Game Info page.

How long will Darkflame Universe take to complete?

We don’t quite have an answer for that. Development is a very tough process to give estimates on and promises that aren’t kept are worse than not giving anything! Stick around and we’ll be posting on our blog here with updates as to how things are going & when you can next join the fight!

How can I become an alpha tester?

If you are not already in the pool of testers, you will sadly have to wait until closed beta rolls around; as currently all the slots for alpha testers have been taken. Keep an eye on our Twitter: @darkflameuniv, to be the first to know about when closed beta sign-ups open!