Welcome to our Help section! If you’re a parent and haven’t checked out our Parents page, please take a look at that before reading this page! Before submitting a request to support, please read these common questions regarding the server:

How can I get in during the testing phase?

If you are not already in the pool of testers, you can get a key randomly on our Twitter. Follow our account, @darkflameuniv, on Twitter for your best chance to get one! Our future tests will include more people and will be easier to get into than this Alpha, due to this being our first big external test.

Can you get anything with real money? Do I have to worry about paying a subscription or other fee?

No, there will be nothing that costs money or any subscription fee! The game is Free To Play for everyone who joins.

Moderators? What can they do to protect players?

Moderators, or Mythrans, have a lot of ways they can protect players from harm! They will be running our support system, where you can report someone or just ask for help. They will also look for toxic behavior in the chat system and deal with it appropriately. The system also checks for vulgar language and we get real-time notifications for our moderators to utilize. Later, properties will all be viewed by moderators before allowing the public to see it. Everything your child and other players can customize will be checked by moderators before being shown to others.

Help, I didn’t get an Alpha key! Could you send me one?

It’s great to hear that you’re interested to play LEGO Universe! Our Alpha test is a small-scale test that we’ll be inviting players to. If you don’t get a key, it’s not the end of the world! Check our blog for more information on how & when you’ll be able to play.

Will the other worlds be opened soon?

We have no estimates or any dates for when more worlds will be opened in the game. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on this!

Will other new features be added soon?

Again, we have no estimates or dates to share for when anything will be done. Our blog is the best way to stay up to date on what we’re doing and what is coming soon.

Help, I can’t get to the Spider Queen and can’t progress!

This is intended. Players cannot complete the Spider Queen quest and thus cannot progress to Nimbus Station or their properties during the Alpha test. This will be changed in the Closed Beta.

Help, a feature doesn’t work!

Some things aren’t done yet, so best to just wait. If you think it is a bug that isn’t working, contact us!

Does the in-game support system work?

Currently the reports you submit in-game do not work. Please refrain from using it and instead contact us here!

Can I use my LEGO ID? Will it have my old minifigures from when the game was live?

No, you'll have to create a new account on our website to play again. None of your progress from when LEGO Universe was running will be here so you'll have to start over.

Can I use my disc that I still have? Or this client I have downloaded?

No, you'll have to download our client and use our patcher to play on our server. Other clients are not compatible.
When submitting a report, please include the time of the incident or bug and screenshots if possible! These will go a long way in shortening the time it takes us to help you; the normal length to wait for replies to reports is around 3 days, due to our small moderation team. You can submit your reports to . Thanks!