If you’re a parent who has just stumbled upon this emulator or your child is showing you this, welcome! Here we have the most common questions but if you have a more specific one, please feel free to visit the Help section and submit a request!

What is Darkflame Universe?

Darkflame Universe is a server emulator for the popular LEGO MMOG, LEGO Universe, that closed in 2012. You get to smash enemies, complete quests, earn loot & complete achievements! This game is multiplayer only and features a chat system where players can interact with one another. In the future, we will be including more of the original social features and will be adding properties. Properties are spaces where players can build and then show off their creations to the world, once one of our Moderators deems it okay for the public.

Moderators? What can they do to protect my children?

Moderators, or Mythrans, have a lot of ways they can protect players from harm! They will be running our support system, where you can report someone or just ask for help. They will also look for toxic behavior in the chat system and deal with it appropriately. The system also checks for vulgar language and we get real-time notifications for our moderators to utilize. Later, properties will all be viewed by moderators before allowing the public to see it. Everything your child and other players can customize will be checked by moderators before being shown to others.

Can you get anything with real money? Do I have to worry about my child paying a subscription or other fee?

No, there will be nothing that costs money or any subscription fee! The game is Free To Play for everyone who joins.